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Special oil

Censored bearing grease

Characteristics: "Non-toxic tasteless no stimulation accord with environmental protection requirement. Comply with the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) Relevant material the U.S. toy safety ASTM963-96 a European toy s... View>>

Food-grade plastic gear grease

This food-grade plastic gear fat is professional for the electronics industry the toy industry plastic gears parts and produce high quality lubrication grease. Using temperature-20 ~ 130 . View>>

Guide electricity bearing grease

Guide electricity bearing grease is a kind of using wide temperature hardness by temperature effect is small applicable materials is widely of special grease. Excellent oxidation resistance waterproof stability chemical stability ... View>>

Damping oil series

&rarrBuffer fuction make components smooth and accurate movement. &rarrUsed for bonding parts allow large gap and tolerance. &rarrSealed effect waterproof . &rarrAll base on synthetic oils accord with environmental protection req... View>>

Conductivity grease

Conductive grease is a white synthesis grease can provide good abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity of lubrication effect. Oily is very stable enough to be used on the operational environment. View>>

Censored grease (plastic gear grease) series

Non-toxic tasteless no stimulation completely accord with environmental protection requirement. &rarrusing temperature wide (50 ~ 150 ) low temperature performance is good high temperature does not flow. &rarrcompletely use sy... View>>

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