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Have skills in winter vehicle lubricating

Author:admin¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Time:2011/12/16 15:55:18


   Car maintain engine oil is the blood of life, it is able to cooling and lubrication engine components. Currently, more and more car owners recognized the importance of engine oil, but the correct use of oil is very little. Fall and winter ‘s temperature drop is quite obvious, ordinary lubricating oil is more viscous in low temperature, liquidity is bad, and it takes time longer for lubrication part, the vehicle is not easy to start and affect more wear. So fall and winter, it’s best to choose base oil viscosity small, low pour point products, then car engine can continue to bring great lubrication.
In the low temperature for lubricating oil
Car owners should pay more attention to replace engine oil in winter. Currently engine oil classify "single stage" and "multilevel", “single stage “oil use temperature scope is narrow, a viscosity level is only applicable to parts of the year season, can't use throughout the year. “Multi-stage” oil can be used in winter and summer. No matter how to change the oil temperature , a stable lubrication performance still makes the engine under a good protection.
A great quantity is not good
   It’s too bad to add more engine oil.If put oil too much, which can increase crankshaft turn resistance, reduce engine power output, and excess oil will comes into the combustion chamber and causes the vehicle combustion chamber burn oil, and make blue smoke so that waste oil.There are residuum on wall of combustion chamber,and reduce combustion chamber’s room,and lead to reduce engine compression ratio;at the same time, agreat quantity will accelerate cylingders and pistons abrasively,then car long service life will be shorter.
Don't add additive in lubricating oil
Usually we don't suggest adding additives in lubricating oil. Because the oil itself is part of the base oil and additives of composition, its formula, already after many kinds of tests and screening. Add additive maybe backfire. For example add anti-wear additives in the lubricating oil, perhaps slightly improve some anti-wear properties, but it may happen that anti-wear additive and lubricant additive produce chemical reaction, not only reduces the lubricating oil original clean and anti-wear function, but will also increase the sludge and coke, affecting engine performance and long service life.